Megan Draper 60s Inspired Style

by: Kayley Anne

We all have a big reason to be sad today – and it’s not because it’s Monday – it’s because Madmen is over. Luckily for me and my inability to stay on top of television, I still have more to watch. Unfortunately, I’m probably going to have to buy it on Amazon because there’s absolutely [...]

Music Festival Inspired Updo

by: Kayley Anne

In the midst of Coachella, we are bombarded with fringe, bandanas, swimsuit tops as shirts, and braids. I can’t say I’ll be donning all of these trends as I walk the streets of Los Angeles, but the braids I can definitely get on board with. Here is a hairstyle that is perfect for hopping stages [...]

Easy Triple Stacked Bun Tutorial

by: Kayley Anne

We’re back in action with a new hair tutorial! This is a look I have featured on my blog before … and while it may seem pretty intuitive, I have a little bit of a trick when it comes to creating an easy, messy bun. I hope this comes in handy on the next day [...]