My name is Kayley, and I am the founder and primary writer of Sidewalk Ready.


After a friend proposed the idea of fashion blogging to me, I was intrigued. I was already fulfilling several of my passions through my three primary jobs as a hair stylist, photographer and retail store employee, but I thought it would be fun to begin a hobby that incorporated all of these interests … enter Sidewalk Ready.

I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI, but made the trek across the country to live in Los Angeles in May 2014. I currently reside just outside of Silverlake and work full-time while still maintaining Sidewalk Ready as a creative outlet.

Throughout the archives of SWR, you will find hundreds of affordable outfits suitable for everyday women, hair and makeup tutorials, home decorating ideas, and the occasional peek into my life.

I am glad that you found Sidewalk Ready! If I can inspire you to find joy and confidence in what you choose to wear, how you style your hair, and the space you live in, then I have achieved my goal.

Welcome. Enjoy. Stay awhile.