An end, a beginning.

November 8, 2014

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I apologize for the unexpected hiatus. This has been the longest break I’ve taken from Sidewalk Ready since I began this blog four years ago. (On that note, I also have to apologize to SWR for not acknowledging it’s fourth birthday on September 30th. Happy belated, blog baby!) I wasn’t planning on taking this break, but it was truly a necessary and constructive time for me. After deactivating my personal Facebook page, I found myself retreating from the internet in many ways, and that meant putting Sidewalk Ready on hold as well. At the time my absence began, I decided to take some time to reflect on who I am, what I care most about, and what I have to offer. I intended to either come back at full force, or discontinue SWR completely. I have come to the conclusion that I am confidently ready to do the latter.

Sidewalk Ready began as a hobby that was born out of my passion for everyday style and a desire to inspire. It came from a natural and honest place. I no longer find myself in that place. A lot has changed over the past four years. I’ve grown in so many unexplainable ways and truly am not the same person I was when SWR began. The changes in my life are a physical representation of this, but I am also dramatically different in non-tangible ways. While I still enjoy expressing myself through what I wear, I find myself overflowing with other sources of inspiration as well. I’m constantly looking up lyrics, discovering new poets, googling movie quotes, scrolling through beautiful images, and embracing a variety of other things that bring beauty into the world. I have been seeking a way to share this with you. It began with Friday Favorites. It’s grown into something more. That’s why I’m starting something new.

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That’s Your Gold is an inspiration based blog with curated and original material. It’s a Tumblr platform, which may seem like a step in the wrong direction as I am currently using WordPress, but my primary motivation with TYG is to be a ready-to-share inspiration source. Tumblr has been able to provide this. It’s also allowed me to curate material from others while creating my own original material in a way that Sidewalk Ready hasn’t allowed. I intend to continue partnering with companies that I enjoy supporting, including “Outfit of the Day” type posts, and incorporating style alongside other sources of inspiration. I have little idea of where this new venture is going to go, but I do know that it’s making me happy and feeding my passion, which are the same reasons I began Sidewalk Ready.

So, hey – if you’re on Tumblr, follow, share, like. I want to follow you and hear your voices as well. I’m looking forward to a new sense of community and more of an ebb and flow with followers. So, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can also reach me through email ( and on Instagram (@thatsyourgold) – and if you live in the LA area and want to get together for coffee, drinks, tacos, whatever – let me know. I want to meet you.

I hope that you all are staying true to yourselves and pursuing your passions. I promise to being doing the same.

All my love,
Kayley Anne



7 Responses to “An end, a beginning.”

  1. E says:

    I’ve been following Sidewalk Ready since the very beginning after stumbling upon it by chance. I’ve loved every minute of it and wish you the very best of luck with TYG and the utmost happiness in everything that you do. I look forward to reading it!

  2. Claire says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and have read every single post so I will miss Sidewalk Ready dearly! The Internet did not need an explanation for your absence but I’m glad I know why and to where you’ve moved.I wish for you happiness and success, and want to thank you for sharing yourself so openly for four years. You do you girl, congratulations and best wishes!

  3. ash says:

    Good for you. It’s your life, your path, and I hope it leads you where you want to go. I’ve enjoyed reading this blog over the years, it inspired me in so may ways, from outfits to learning photography. Good luck!

  4. anna says:

    godspeed, kaylz.

  5. Daddy says:

    I will miss seeing you, even if at a distance. Please continue to post pictures when possible as somehow I then feel you closer to home. Love you, Kayleybubs.

  6. J says:

    Sidewalk Ready is one of my favourite blogs. You have such an honest and distinct voice. Will look forward to tuning into the new one.

  7. enas says:

    this is the first time i write to you. i dont know why i have the guts now to send you. i’ve been following your blog for years now and been fascinated with everything you do. i must say that i teared a bit when i read your decision. Its weird how sometimes you feel connected to someone you never met. i must say that you inspired me in so many ways. i feel like i’m parting with a good friend…
    i wish you all the luck in the world Kayley..

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