Nashville: Gratitude

March 2, 2014

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It seems all the lavish meals we’ve been indulging in this week are catching up with us. Heather has what we believe to be a case of food poisoning. While the images in this post were taken several days ago, it is currently my last full day in Nashville. And while this isn’t how we originally expected to spend the day, this particular Sunday has served as a reminder to never take good health for granted, that staying in bed until 4pm isn’t always something to feel guilty about, and that caring for the people that we love takes priority over most everything.

After the worst of Heather’s symptoms subsided, I snuck out to get some work done at one of my favorite places we visited this week, Fido (the Huevos Cubanos, omg). At this moment, I am feeling incredibly grateful for so many reasons including, but not limited to, the wonderful people in my life, the opportunity to travel and have new experiences, and just simply for this rainy, still day. It’s so apparent to me right now that I am completely enveloped in what I love. Even the simplest act of coming to a coffee shop/restaurant, logging in to Sidewalk Ready, popping in my headphones (The Arctic Monkeys today) and tapping away on my keyboard instantly puts me in my element, regardless of where I am in the world.

So, here’s to you – thanks for being here and allowing me to do what I love. I am forever grateful.

Goodbye for now, Nashville and all the beautiful people that inhabit you. You’ve treated me so well. All my love.

blog-2 blog-100 blog-1 blog-101Outfit Breakdown:
Cardigan: Target (Save. Spend. Splurge.)
Top: BB Dakota (Save. Spend. Splurge.)
Necklace: c/o Saressa Designs (Same.)
Jeans: Gap (Save. Spend. Splurge.)
Shoes: Urban Outfitters (Same. Save. Spend. Splurge.)

Air dried.

Photos by Heather.

5 Responses to “Nashville: Gratitude”

  1. kelsey says:

    oh i hope your friend feels better soon! that’s the worst!

  2. SeaBreezeDreams says:

    Enjoy life…you are in a good place Kayley! ;-)


  3. Ashleigh says:

    I adore those pointed toe flats! Happy you had a great time!

  4. Alison says:

    LOVE this top and entire ensemble. Happy you were able to really spend some time in the city – I’ve been meaning to get to Nashville for awhile myself. May just add it to my summer road trip list. :)

    XO Alison

  5. Jenn says:

    Love the pop of color in your outfit, but most of all your wise words. I hope to visit Nashville one day. Sounds like a lovely place to visit.

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