Dress your walls.

November 24, 2013

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One of my favorite parts of home decor is wall art. I love seeking unique things to dress my walls with. When living in a new space, I’ve never felt inclined to rush to the nearest Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy some mass produced artwork. Instead, I incorporate a variety of wall hangings to create a curated, personalized space. These items are typically carefully selected and gathered over a period of time. Here are images of some of the pieces I’ve collected over the years.

Beautiful plates are perfectly appropriate in a kitchen or dining room.


A jewelry display in the bedroom is beautiful and functional.


Framed book pages are special and unexpected. In this case, I used maps from an atlas.


Keep your eye out for pieces that aren’t necessarily intended to be wall art. This sign was from an old factory owned by a family with the last name “Bliss”. I cleaned it up and added mounting hardware. This might be one of my favorite pieces!


A mirror doesn’t always need to be in a functional place. In this case, it is hung in a living room and is simply meant to be beautiful.


Maps, maps and more maps.


Framed photography works in every room.


As you can imagine, these are not pieces that were bought in a day, week, or even a month. It took some time to acquire all of them, but it was worth the wait. Taking your time when it comes to selecting the right art will ensure that your personality and taste is infused into your home!

One thing that I feel my collection is currently lacking is paintings. I’ve been drooling over some pieces I recently found on Saatchi, a new online resource that I found for beautiful artwork. The originals are out of my price range but I absolutely love that some of their pieces come in a “print” option. Below a few of my favorites!

“Potpourri 1″ by Lisa Carney


“Two Women” by Sylvia Baldeva


“Fog Lifting” by Maurice Sapiro



Do you have anything hanging on your walls that has great sentimental meaning to you? What is it and why? And what types of art are you hoping to still incorporate into your home?




14 Responses to “Dress your walls.”

  1. Alina says:

    I just moved into a new apartment and am always looking for ways to spice up my currently bare walls! Thanks so much for the numerous ideas! I especially like the framed atlas maps, and the jewelry pieces. Gorgeous!



  2. ash says:

    I’ve been wanting to incorporate maps into the artwork at home. We have so many photographs, I feel like they are overwhelming. I also wanted to try some framed fabric pieces for color and texture.

  3. Kate says:

    Try 20 x 200 or art.com! Great stuff, super affordable. Xo

  4. Great ideas! I especially love the one plates! :)


  5. Alison says:

    Great post, Kayley! You have such a sharp eye for the most simple, yet elegant designs. As for my favorite pieces, I like to look on Etsy for more original and quirky art for certain things that I like – books, television series, musicians, etc. Examples include a gorgeous water color print of Mulder and Scully from The X-Files and a small embroidered piece from Twin Peaks that features a slice of cherry pie and a cup of black coffee. I always get questions and compliments about them when friends come over.

  6. I’d love to hang my jewellery up as art. Alas, I do not have a home.. hotels are not conducive to that.

  7. Elise says:

    Your house is beautiful Kayley, I think you have great taste and design sense! My favourite thing hanging in my house is very sentimental. My husband and I got married in the Dominican Republic and instead of a guest book we had a local artist paint us a custom piece of the gorgeous local landscape and our guests signed the border of the painting. Its now framed and beautiful on the walls and it reminds me of that day and all the special people in our lives who love and support us :)

  8. jenni l says:

    i love my guinea hens by john “cornbread” anderson. a local georgia folk artist that paints things he sees in his yard. i have a 36″ x 36″ on partical board of the hens. i love their speckled feathers and their Big Eyes :) my next purchase by him will be a cardinal in the snow. he can really capture the “blue” hue of dusk on a snow covered country side.

  9. Tori says:

    I love your decor style!! I hate cookie cutter looks and yours is all so unique!! Thanks for sharing!


  10. HT says:

    I love how those plates are displayed! How do you mount them on the wall like that?

  11. Rebekah says:

    This is so great ’cause I’m working on decorating my walls right now! They’re, well, very empty right now!

  12. Kier Mellour says:

    Love your style! You’ve give me lots of ideas. :) Followed you on bloglovin, too.

    With Love From Hollywood,
    Fashion Addict LA
    Recent DIY: DIY Lucite Perfume Clutch
    Recent post: What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

  13. Leah says:

    Original artwork can be pricey, but it’s worth it. My favorite pieces are originals I bought directly from the artists at art fairs and markets. One is an oil painting of a San Francisco street by local artist, Frank Dong, and the other is the artist’s proof of a woodblock print by a Florida artist. I have a couple smaller pieces bought from street artists, as well. They mean a lot more to me than any print I could buy. – Leah, leahwise.com

  14. kate says:

    I am in LOVE with that Bliss sign. it’s gorgeous!

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