Couture for a Cure.

October 12, 2012

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Last night I went to a local event called Couture for a Cure with a couple of friends. We had so much fun mingling beforehand having drinks and appetizers, and then we watched a runway show put on by a local store called Leigh’s. They carry many high end designers and put together some fabulous looks! My favorite part of the show was the end when designer Daniel Vosovic, who you might remember from Project Runway, shared his Spring 2013 collection with us. I need to be better about taking pictures at the events that I go to. I really wish I had some photos to share because I love his collection!

For the event I wore a BCBG dress that I purchased secondhand from a friend. I didn’t have an occasion that I wanted to wear it for at the time, but the dress still had the tags on it and she sold it to me for a great deal. I was so excited to have an opportunity to wear it!

I repeat what I said before about my evening style. Here’s another look that’s a little more flashy than usual. I absolutely love the sheer top on this dress! It makes me embrace my flat chest because I can get away with such an exposed look without it coming off as trashy. Another bonus: I couldn’t wear a bra with this dress. Most comfortable evening look ever? I think so.

I tend to embrace the bold lip trend when it comes to dressing up for the evening. I tried something a little different this time and went with a dark eye and neutral lip. I loved the way it complimented the tones in the dress.

Because the dress and purse are both sequined, I kept my jewelry really understated. I’ve been seeing simple watches with evening looks lately and I love it. It’s practical, sophisticated, and unexpected.

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Secondhand BCBG (Save. Spend. Splurge.)
Purse: Banana Republic (Save. Spend. Splurge.)
Watch: Skagen (Save. Spend. Splurge.)
Shoes: Alice + Olivia c/o Shopbop (Same.)

Nail Polish: Essie – Smokin’ Hot.

High, twisted chignon tutorial here.

– Kayls.

19 Responses to “Couture for a Cure.”

  1. So lovely! How did you do your hair like this? :)

  2. ashleigh says:

    This is saucy and daring! And very unexpected from you. Not in a bad way, but it is an overtly sexy dress and you dress more classic and cool. I love the classic shoe with it, it gives it that Kaylee touch! I would have liked a punch of color since everything is neutral, like with a pumpkin color or maybe red clutch instead of the sequin bag? Anyway it’s adorable on you!

    • admin says:

      I agree, a color would look great, too! I chose the sequin bag because I liked how it mimicked the top of the dress. I tried to keep it as classic as possible and really let the textures do the talking!

  3. Magooch says:

    So pretty and polished, honey!

  4. I love this outfit! You look beautiful and sounds like a nice evening and for a great cause!
    Almost Endearing

  5. Karissa says:

    Beautiful! And Hooray for flat-chested people!! I love being able to get away with daring necklines. & I love your updo here… must watch the tutorial.
    By the way, thanks for the cut today! I love it :)

  6. CGStyleBlog says:

    Love that dress!!! Looks amazing on you!

  7. Christina says:

    Adorable dress! Love the neutral tones — really lets the textures and the contrast between matte and sparkle speak for themselves.

  8. What a great dress…love how sexy it is! Love your hair too! I wished I had more occasions to dress up – it’s always so fun.


  9. shannon says:

    What a beautiful and chic dress. I love how you matched your handbag with the black sequin bodice.

  10. Blair says:

    What a cutie! I’d take you home… No wait, I did! Teehee.


  11. Jupe says:

    This is so elegant! I love how designer it looks…the fabric looks expensive, the design is rich in detail and vintage charm. It’s amazing on you! Perfect for a fashion event :)

    <3 Cambria

  12. Andrea says:

    I really do love your outfits (anything that sparkles is a winner in my books), but I think I’m most inspired by how nicely you do your hair. Maybe it’s because I’m no good with hairstyles, but I sure am jealous. Great look :)
    ~Andrea Spanik

  13. Gorgeous dress- and your makeup is flawless! Beautiful!

  14. Lidia says:

    LOVE this night out look! Just perfect! I’m specially loving the make up and hair!

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