Anniversary bonfire party.

August 25, 2012

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Last night Kai and I hosted an anniversary party at our home. We will have been married for five years this coming Thursday and decided it deserved some celebration! Our backyard is very private and perfect for entertaining. Since we served many s’more options, we finally got some use out of our bonfire pit!

We had some of our best friends over, many of whom don’t know each other, and we were so happy to see how well everyone got along. We love all of our friends and it’s so nice to know that we can get everyone together and have a great time!

I didn’t have a chance to pick up anything new to wear for the party so I decided to wear my Gap Kids lace dress. My wedding dress was ivory lace so I thought this would be perfect to celebrate the anniversary! It was really hot yesterday afternoon but by the time everything started it was the perfect temperature. We were outside until close to 1am and I didn’t even need a sweater!

My mom helped me make the below table cloth awhile back for Katie’s bridal shower. I’m happy it got another use!

We didn’t really get any wide shots of the bonfire area and the drink station but here’s a few details!

The party was B.Y.O.B. but we did bring out the mini fridge from the studio and stocked it with soda and water. On top, I set our ice bucket and old fashion straw holder. The table from our foyer served as a resting spot for the mason jars I like to use as glasses – cheap and durable!

Our bonfire pit is located right off of the patio. We lined that part of the yard with tiki torches full of citronella oil, and then encircled the bonfire with three teak chairs and a barnwood bench.

I lined the path leading to the backyard with large mason jars filled with river rocks and a candle. I did this at our housewarming party as well and re-used the same materials!

Thank you so much to everyone who came and celebrated with us. You all mean so much to both Kai and I and our lives wouldn’t be the same without you!

I would also like to thank Kai for putting up with me when I’ve had one(+) too many drinks. You’re the best husband ever. I’m glad I married you.

– Kayls.

43 Responses to “Anniversary bonfire party.”

  1. 5 Years! Congrats that is amazing. I love all the photographs. Looks like you two had a wonderful time. The wedding photo is also really beautiful!

  2. Kai says:

    Oh hey, I love you. You’re the best.

  3. Maria says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw this was, “What an elegant set-up!” Really, I wish I could go to a smore party and have such a chic set-up! I love the way you took the time to label everything; so amazing. Quite a Pinterest-worthy party!!

  4. Meg says:

    Beautiful pics. Love milk glass containers and wherever did you find such cute chalkboard labels with holes to tie string with?

  5. Emily Beute says:

    i was there…boom

  6. Sarah says:

    Happy Anniversary! This party is amaaaazing. You did an awesome job! It looks like you put more effort into this party than I put into my own wedding. But you’re probably just cooler than I am…and that’s pretty cool. Congrats again!

    Sarah’s Real Life

  7. Phoebe says:

    Happy Anniversary! Your party looks so stylish and glamorous and I love your dress!!

  8. Happy anniversary!! You did a beautiful job with the decorations… and look so pretty in your dress + LOVE the booties with it!! xo

  9. Lauren says:

    GORGEOUS backyard and what a great-looking party! I’m having some serious backyard envy right now….not to mention side-board envy; that cabinet is beautiful!


    • admin says:

      Thank you! I’m actually considering painting it black. I feel like our dining room might have too much natural wood in it right now … still debating. Anyway, I found it on Craig’s List for $100!

  10. This is stunning and lovely. I will definitely have to remember this! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful idea…

  11. Abby says:

    what a beautiful looking party! congrats on 5 years of marriage. what a perfect way to celebrate. xo!

  12. Everything looks fantastic! We were so bummed to miss it.

    Happy anniversary! We’re celebrating five this year, too :)

  13. kw says:

    gorgeous! love the decor. would also love to see photos of the party itself and your stylish friends!

    • admin says:

      we didn’t take any! because it is our job to take pictures at other people’s parties we prefer not to at our own. we can enjoy it more!

  14. What a beautiful backyard! Happy anniversary and it looks like it was a fun party! Love that you pulled furniture from inside the house to use outside!


  15. Jen Bumstead says:

    Happy 5 years to a great couple! So happy for you guys, sorry we missed the party but we love to see how your love continues to grow with every year and we can’t wait to celebrate our 5th anniversary and hopefully have you there with us just as you were there the day we got married. You are a blessing in our life and a great example of a happily married couple! Cheers to 5 years!!!

  16. Camila says:

    Happy anniversary! Your party looked so so beautiful, congrats!

  17. Jane Squared says:

    Happy anniversary! Seems like a great party… I know I could never pass up a s’mores bar. :D

  18. SK says:

    Everything turned out so beautiful! Congrats on 5 years of marriage!

  19. This is such a beautiful party setting to celebrate your anniversary! Congrats by the way :)

    Also, your outfit is amazing!

    xo T

  20. Melanie says:

    Hi! Beautiful party that you threw. Lovely, lovely. Just wondering where you picked up those beautiful lights that you hung up. I’ve been trying to find that sort of thing online, without any luck.


    • admin says:

      Target! They were by far the best deal we found. They are the frosted bulbs – but we warned. They are extremely fragile! We broke a few bulbs when we installed them.

  21. Kellee says:

    The smore-gasbord of delights is such a fantastic idea! One of my favourite things about visiting my dad in the summer time is making smores around the fire, and a few of my friends had never even tried it before! This would be a perfect idea! Also you look stunning!

  22. such a fun party! y’all look like AMAZING hosts and we have a fire pit in our backyard, too!

  23. Christina says:

    What a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary! I love that you took the indoor furniture outside and the chalkboard signs are so adorable (I <3 Hobby Lobby)! Happy Anniversary!

  24. Happy Anniversary! Wow, what an amazing party. Very elegant. I got such great ideas for our housewarming party- thanks!

  25. Janet says:

    OMG this is amazing!!! How creative!!!! Happy Anni!!!!

    Hope it was fabulous!!

    Follow each other????

    *****CHANEL handbag giveaway*******

  26. Aw, Kayley! This looks SO amazing! I’m super bummed I wasn’t able to make it. Eric’s sister-in-law had a going away party at Richmond Park (your party looked way more legit ;)). Congrats on 5-years with Kai! <3

  27. Eryn Wong says:

    It’s a very nice party setting! Congratulations on the 5th Anniversary :) Wishing you a happy marriage!

  28. Mindy says:

    Congratulations! What an amazing bonfire spread! You have so many pretty details which make it perfect!

  29. says:

    Beautiful set up!!! :) congrats

  30. Anja says:

    I love your party decorations. The crackers look so yummy and that dresser is awesome as a display! Well done and happy belated anniversary!!!

  31. Emily says:

    Happy anniversary! Must try nutella on smores sometime. ;)

  32. Christine says:

    Many congrats on your anniversary!

  33. Jupe says:

    So many joyful things about this post…the anniversary (HOORAY for staying together, it’s rare indeed these days)…the smores (look at all those possible creamy and delightful flavours)…the decor (way to bring furniture outside). I think you should have your own decorating and party throwing business…I’d hire you to help me out :)

    <3 Cambria

  34. Bree says:

    Wow it looks so beautiful! Lovvve the little nutella, etc jars – such a cute idea.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  35. Kristen says:

    Meant so much to us we could share it with you. Love you.

  36. Ruby Girl says:

    looks like you had a beautiful time! so great!

  37. Blair says:

    Waaaaah. I wish I could have made it! You look so precious – Err, HOTT in that dress! And I can’t imagine you have one(+) too many drinks. NEVAH!

    Love having you as a friend – And Happy 5 Year Anni! :)


  38. Amanda H. says:

    this is just so beautiful! what a perfect idea to celebrate an anniversary!

  39. Tagg says:

    Wow, these photos are so pretty! Looks like a great party! :)


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