An outfit and a husband.

August 17, 2012

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Tonight we went out to a nice dinner at Green Well. I mentioned this restaurant a few posts ago and we decided to head back! The weather was beautiful today (sunny and in the low 70s) so we took advantage and sat outside! After our meals, we took a few pictures. Kai looked cute so I insisted he let me take a couple of him, too! This outfit is pretty standard for him. On any given day you will find him in a button down shirt with khaki shorts or jeans … but never jean shorts (thankfully).

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. It’s been super busy! I spent a lot of my time in doctor’s offices. I’ve been having some stomach pain lately and after a colonoscopy, and lactose and gluten allergy tests, I’ve had little time for anything else. Then once you throw in photography and salon work, I’m completely consumed! I have an appointment in a couple of weeks with the doctor to review my results so hopefully I won’t be dealing with this too much longer. Fingers crossed!

Outfit Breakdown:
Shirt: J.Crew Factory (Save. Spend. Splurge.)
Skirt: Urban Outfitters (Save. Spend. Splurge.)
Necklace: Anthropologie (Save. Spend. Splurge.)
Boots: Sam Edelman via Last Call (Save. Spend. Splurge.)
Purse: J.Jill (Save. Spend. Splurge.)

Curled away from my face with a 1.25″ curling iron, worn for a day, and then brushed.

- Kayls.

27 Responses to “An outfit and a husband.”

  1. kw says:

    so cute! just love this post especially since it features your guy! they’re hard to capture on camera (willingly)

  2. Sarah says:

    I love those boots! I’m always nervous about wearing ankle boots because they can easily cut at a weird place and make your (well, MY) legs look stumpy. You look great though! I think it’s because your skirt’s pretty short so it makes your legs look nice and long :)

    Sarah’s Real Life

  3. Christina says:

    Sorry to know you had a difficult week, Kayley. Hope you get good news and are feeling better.
    Lovely outfit and such cute boots!!

  4. Alaina M. says:

    I hope you start feeling better. It’s cute that you two sorta match.

  5. Aww what a good looking couple! Love the chambray- just got my first in the mail from Banana Republic today!!

  6. Patricia says:

    Love this outfit on you! I really like how the chambray provides the pop of color!

  7. Lyddiegal says:

    very cute look, i love the mix of textures, and the sunlight in the photos is just beautiful!,3,shop,cocktail

  8. Emily says:

    I hope you get feeling better soon!! So nice to see your Mr. on the blog too.

  9. ashleigh says:

    I like this daring side that is coming out in you! The boot is a classic shape-very you-but the strapping makes it very edge-y. More trendy, whereas you usually go for the classic look. Just like the blazer was a very kayley top but you punched it up with the fuschia. Keep taking risks, it’s very refreshing!
    P.s. does that skirt snag a lot? It looks like it would.

  10. SK says:

    I love everything about this outfit!! Adorable.
    Xo- Sara

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  11. dotty says:

    i hope that you get things figured out and feel better sooner rather than later! in the meantime, the boots+chambray combination is FANTASTIC here!

    dash dot dotty

  12. Blair says:

    Goooooooo Kai! I’m feeling a men’s fashion blog coming on… yeah? ;) You look pretty cute too…

    xoxo, Blashley

  13. I hope that the doctor’s can pin point this and make you feel better.

    I love your booties!


  14. Youuuu are just beautiful I love your style so much you are always so classy.
    Such an inspiration.


  15. Jaclyn says:

    I love everything about this outfit! The boots are my favourite tho!

  16. Kate says:

    Oh.. my.. goodness. This is by far the best outfit I have seen this month. Maybe even this year. Those boots are fabulous! The whole outfit is so great!! AHH!! [Your outfit makes me happy. Weird, I know. Oh well.]

  17. Diane says:

    I went there on Friday too with my boyfriend and our parents! Did you do the restaurant week menu? The BBQ Brisket and stout cake were amazing!

  18. Heather says:

    It was so nice meeting you last night. Those boots rock!

  19. Kristen says:

    Sucha’ stud, sucha’ babe.

  20. Jenna says:

    Kayley, I sure hope you are feeling better, I am Celiac and went through quite the time before figuring that out. I would love to answer any questions you have, navigating a sensitive stomach is a very frustrating thing.

    What a beautiful outfit, my neutral style is all about this. If only I could wear heels all the time (5’10 and work in a casual office), I love these!

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much for your help, Jenna! After several tests my gastroenterologist diagnosed me with IBS. So now I just have to live my life and treat my symptoms. :)

  21. just found your blog and have flown through it! i love it. you are super adorable, have great style, and are just approachable (unlike a lot of bloggers, i feel). thank you for blogging! can’t wait to keep reading.
    -london camille

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