Welcome to The Studio!

July 5, 2012

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Today I have some big news to share with you! After 8 awesome years of working at A.J. Pinder & Co. I have made the decision to branch out on my own. Kai and I recently installed a salon set up into the detached studio on our property and I will be working as a stylist from home from now on!

This is something Kai and I have aspired to do for a little while now and I am so excited to see it come to fruition! This studio has been quite the project and now it’s finally complete! Scroll down to see some pictures of the inside.

For more information regarding location, pricing, and the eventual home of my portfolio, please visit kayleyheeringa.com/blog.

For a landing page including all the locations I blog at – kayleyheeringa.com

I am so thankful that I have this opportunity, and am also so thankful for the support from my old co-workers and boss. This has been such an encouraging and uplifting experience and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks everyone for your support. It means the world!

– Kayls.

42 Responses to “Welcome to The Studio!”

  1. molly says:

    YAY! congratulations! what exciting news!!!!!! the studio is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Heidi says:

    The studio looks AMAZING! Congrats on branching out on your own!

  3. Laura says:

    This is gorgeous.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Congrats! And what a gorgeous space! I love it!

  5. Aletha says:

    Wow – congrats to you, Kayley! This is a huge step and I applaud you for taking the leap. It looks wonderful and I have no doubt it will be awesome! CONGRATS!

  6. Lauren says:

    Your studio is SO BEAUTIFUL! I would be so pleased to be a client in there; I’m sure your business will be a complete success!


  7. Congratulations! It looks beautiful.

  8. Abby says:

    Congrats Girl! What an awesome space and opportunity!
    Best of luck with your new venture!

  9. Tara says:

    The space looks amazing! How exciting! Where did you get that coffee table- so beautiful!

  10. Congratulations! The space is just beautiful!

  11. maria says:

    thats amazing! congrats

  12. Sara Baker says:

    This is awesome Kayley! It looks amazing! Good luck and Congrats on the new adventure!

  13. Laura says:

    Wow, Kayley – that is absolutely breathtaking! Congratulations on taking this huge step :D


  14. Danielle says:

    That looks so inviting and relaxing :) I so wish I lived nearby and could come in and enjoy it! Congrats!

  15. Emily says:

    Congrats!!! What a beautiful space!!!

  16. Jaclyn says:

    The space looks AMAZING! Congrats and good luck :)

  17. Becca Iveson says:

    The studio is beautiful! Next time I’m in GR I will have to book with you! I love the hairstyles you’ve posted on your FB page and would love to catch up anyways (catch up on… 14 years? holy cow!)

  18. wow it looks amazing! I am going to have to make an appointment!

  19. Camila says:

    This is so cool! Congratulations! The space looks amazing, I wish I lived in the US so I could go there :) Good luck!

  20. Sarah says:

    Love how you’ve decorated!!! Congrats! Only wish I lived closer… ;)


  21. mary says:

    the bomb…esp. the coffee table

  22. Eleanor says:

    Oh my gosh, it looks absolutely gorgeous, Kayley. What an amazing achievement! Now I wish I lived in Grand Rapids. ;) Congratulations!

  23. Congrats ! It looks amazing !

  24. Paige says:

    Wow! That looks amazing! If I were closer to GR I would definitely get my hair cut by you.

  25. Jenn says:

    Congratulations!!! Your studio looks amazing. Good luck!!

  26. Christina says:

    Congratulations Kayley! That is wonderful news! The salon looks fabulous and I wish you all the best!

  27. Lisa Walter says:


    Your studio looks lovely and the table in the sitting are is INCREDIBLE……


  28. Jessica says:

    Where did you find the metal hanging baskets for the magazines? I love them!

  29. Diana says:

    The studio looks awesome! If I lived nearby I’d definitely be a client!!!

  30. Sarah says:

    Eeeeee! Congratulations – it looks a-MAZ-ing! Just as long as all this doesn’t interfere with your bloggin! :)

  31. Kristy says:

    Congrats! Can’t wait to see you in August and experience the new place. So proud of you! Aunt Kris

  32. Megan says:

    Absolutely adore your space. I wish you could do my hair! So glad you got to fulfill this dream of having your own place in-house. xoxo, MS

  33. Doug says:

    What a great looking studio! You have created something amazing here and I am so thrilled to have the privilege to see it unfold. Congratulations and I’m confident that business will be booming!

  34. Molly says:

    WOW! Congratulations Kayley! I wish I was in GR more and could come by… maybe before I make the permanent NYC move I’ll get a new “work” haircut! Congrats again!

  35. Rebecca says:

    Wow, congratulations! Such an exciting venture, and the space is absolutely beautiful!

  36. Brandy says:

    Oh my gosh, how gorgeous! I am SO tempted to make a bridal appointment with you for my August 2013 wedding. :)

  37. The space is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations – this is wonderful!

  38. Erin A says:

    I meant to comment on this when I first saw, but I was on my phone… CONGRATS. You’re totally Suzanne Somers in Step-By-Step, only less permed. :)

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