Welcome to the Tundra.

January 19, 2012

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Wow, wow, wow it was cold out today. The wind chill was at zero degrees … and as you will see from
these pictures, it was quite windy. Yes, I’m wearing shorts. Yes, I am insane (and completely unaware
of the weather forecast). In my defense, I really do think tights are about as warm as jeans.



Outfit Breakdown:
Leather Jacket: Banana Republic / Sweater: Gap / Tank: Old Navy / Shorts: Forever 21
Tights: Banana Republic Factory Store / Boots: Gap Outlet / Necklace: Anthropologie

Air dryed with Redken Powder Grip at roots.

If we had planned ahead we probably wouldn’t have even attempted to take pictures today but I
doubt these are the worst conditions we’ve encountered. The good news is, I’m in my sweats now and
eating Kirkland peanut butter filled pretzels. Man oh man, are these good – and so is the David Gray
Pandora station.

- Kayls.

16 Responses to “Welcome to the Tundra.”

  1. Camila says:

    Love this outfit! One of my favourites here :D

  2. Kai says:

    It was worth enduring the cold. You look stunning.

  3. Anna in Colorado! says:

    It’s 63 in Colorado today. Maybe you should come out here. Hi!

  4. Kate says:

    I’ve been following your blog for months now, and this outfit has to be one of my favorites! Tights solve everything.

  5. Maggie says:

    I agree about tights being as warm as jeans…I’ve worn tights on cold days and felt warmer that I feel in jeans sometimes! The weather where I am was in the 30s today (and very windy) and I was FREEZING. I can’t imagine a windchill of 0 – brrr! Stay warm!

  6. Kyle says:

    But you look so cute in the tundra!

  7. I am totally loving this look on you!! It’s every edgy and sexy! That necklace is amazing too!!


  8. KIM says:

    Crazy ole girl! lol

  9. Justyn Lord says:

    Cold or not you look great! I love the pattern on those stockings AND that top :)

    Happy Friday

  10. I think you’re right about tights. I am just as warm in tights and a skirt as I am in jeans!

  11. Angela says:

    Love this outfit. I never look at the forecast either and get caught wearing inappropriate clothing somethings as well.

    I love pandora :)

  12. love this combo. shorts + pattern tights + ankle booties. perfection!

  13. Jupe says:

    You are just so teeny tiny and adorable…I couldn’t get away with those shorts given my legs :P LOVE the brown and black blend and textured tights, really cute.

    <3 Cambria

  14. Ah, this is such pretty layering and I love, love all of the neutral tones too! And oh my goodness, yes it’s been so cold for us as well… we just had temperatures of -17 which is totally not normal for where we live. Brrr!! xo

  15. stefania says:

    love this look!!
    so pretty

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