1940s Baby.

June 11, 2011

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Hiya! SO, when I started this blog, and stated that is was an “Everyday Fashion” blog, I meant
that the fashion shown were the types of things that people would wear every day. Not that it was
a fashion blog that was updated every day.

I’ve gotten in the habit of updating every day because I like it, but I was too tired last night so I
wasn’t really feelin’ it … so here I am today, updating with what I wore last night now that I am
more in the mood (bow chika wow wow).

Last night Kai and I photographed a 1940s themed birthday party. If you know me, you know
that I rarely pass up an opportunity to wear a costume. Love, love, love dressing up. So last night
I based my attire off of the movie “Atonement”, which took place during that time period.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the amazing Keira Knightley.

ahhh, i love her. no, really, i do. kai’s okay with it.

Okay, so – here is my ensemble from last night:

I wore this dress my senior year of high school to a dance and haven’t had an opportunity to wear it
since. It was perfect for that “Old Hollywood Glamor” look.

The earrings were a gift from one of my clients. She gave me a bunch of her aunt’s old clip ons
knowing that I would find a use for them. I definitely have!

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Macy’s / Clip-On Earrings: Gift / Shoes: Circa Joan & David via Macy’s

Now for a little photo booth fun …

This is my lovely friend Emily. Ain’t she the cutest? Yeah, I know. I have cool friends.

– Kayls.

8 Responses to “1940s Baby.”

  1. Jorie says:

    Kayley, you look 1940’s fantastic…love the hair and the earrings are perfect with that dress!!

  2. Kai says:

    I spoke with Keira Knightley. She thinks you’re cool too.

  3. Amanda B. says:

    I love Keira too! What a pretty dress, that color green is awesome!

    You know you remind me of a cross between January Jones and the Olsens. All lovely so it’s a compliment!

    -Amanda B.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Fabulous dress and hair! I loved that movie, but it made me SO sad that I could never watch it again.

  5. Katie says:

    You look AMAZING! I have always been in love with the dress from that movie… cannot believe how much you mirrored it! Gorgeous!

  6. Kate says:

    Love this dress, you can’t go wrong with Keira as inspiration!

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