And I’m Not Even Cold.

April 10, 2011

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Today was a glimpse of a West Michigan summer … and I was reminded why I don’t mind living
here. After such a long winter, I begin to wonder. West Michigan summers are truly magical.
I can’t wait!

It was in the 80s today. Can you believe it? This is how Michigan works. One day it is cloudy,
windy, and in the 40s, and then next it’s beach weather. Tomorrow the forecast calls
for rain and a high of 59. This is really typical.

This afternoon, if you remember what I said yesterday, I threw my best friend, Sarah, a
bridal shower. I didn’t want to give away too many details yesterday since she didn’t know
anything about it, but the theme was the color orange. It is her favorite, and since she isn’t
having an orange wedding, I thought I would do an orange shower instead.

Now, before I show you the pictures of what I wore to the shower and you fall out of your
chairs in surprise, I must tell you that I actually do have skin. Can you believe it? My legs and
arms are just like yours, they haven’t seen the blog in awhile, so you may have wondered,
but I wasn’t born in tights and long sleeves. I’m also a little pale right now, but truth be told,
I don’t really mind it.

My mom was kind enough to allow me to host the shower at her home. Her living room is much
bigger than mine and can accommodate more people.

That’s my maiden name on the plaque above the door. Once a Vandenberg, always a Vandenberg!

I had hoped to get a picture with my mom today, because you’ve all heard so much about her
but haven’t seen her. She wasn’t dressed when these pictures were taken because she was
too busy helping me prepare (she’s the best!). She wore a long linen skirt and looked so beautiful!
I will get a picture of her on here eventually!

These are my only wedges. I had to talk Kai into buying them for me. He decided a long
time ago that wedges look trashy, and I’ve been hesitant to buy a pair knowing he
would hate them. Last spring when we visited Chicago I purchased these while he was with
me. Can you believe it? I think the rope sole softens the wedge-i-ness a bit.

The other pooch in my life. Shanty, I still love you, more … but I loved Hogan first.

Outfit Breakdown:
Tank: Target / Necklace: Purchased in Barcelona / Belt: Banana Republic
Bracelets: Purchased in Venice , Etsy (gifted) / Purse: Dooney & Bourke (Secondhand)
Skirt: Target / Shoes: Banana Republic

Now on to the shower … Something I didn’t mention before that is that not only was there
an orange theme, I also threw in a “S is for …” theme. My best friend’s name is Sarah and her new
last name will also start with an “S” – so an “S” theme was also fitting.

First, and best … Layne still in her pajamas looking gorgeous as usual. I love this girl a lot.

Game Prizes. We played a wedding version of Scattergories. The letter was, of course, “S” – A
trivia game all with questions about Sarah – and a game where the guests had to guess four
different spices by looking at them and smelling them.

Candy for the guests to take home with them.

The appetizer table.

Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Mmm-mm.

Orange snack food … Veggie chips, cheddar popcorn, dried mango slices.

Orange drinks … mimosas, orange juice, and Fanta in cute cans (very important). :)

This mandarin cranberry salad is delish. Remind me to post the recipe on here sometime.

Invitations. Not orange. I liked the tree, though.

The invitations included a recipe card that the guests filled out and brought to the shower. They
coordinated with my gift … a recipe box!

And then I went back to my house expecting to see Kai but he was out running an errand
so Shanty and I went outside to cuddle on the front step while we waited for him to come
home. Such a lovely day.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends and are ready for Monday! You know what would make
your day tomorrow really awesome? If you found out that you won the Naturalizer Gift Card
. I am announcing the winner tomorrow – but you can’t win if you don’t enter! The
giveaway ends tonight at 11:59 so enter while you can – here!

Africa Picture of the Day:

- Kayls.

33 Responses to “And I’m Not Even Cold.”

  1. Leah says:

    you could get paid big bucks for throwing parties like that :) i am jealous!

  2. Alicia says:

    Awesome job with the party! Sarah’s favorite color! I bet she loved it!

  3. Alicia says:

    anddd your outfit is adorable

  4. anna gretz says:

    impressive! very very impressive.

  5. KateLainey says:

    This is such a cute bridal shower, Great Job! Love your outfit as well.

  6. Jorie says:

    You looked absolutely beautiful today and were such a wonderful hostess…I was very proud. The party pictures are awesome! Oh, and flattery will get you everywhere with me, but as far as putting me on this blog…you know I HATE having my picture taken.

  7. Katy says:

    you did an amazing job on the shower! the orange theme was perfect and definitely wasn’t overwhelming! Your hair looked gorgeous as usual!

  8. Jorie says:

    Oh…and I wonder if anyone can guess where Layne is going to college?! Based on her “not so Sidewalk Ready” apparel. Haha!

  9. leigh says:

    SUCH a lovely shower & I love your outfit too! Today was OUT OF CONTROL beautiful here in Michigan, but I’m bracing for a winter storm warning tomorrow. My husband and I went on a long walk in shorts & t’s . . . I felt like my skin was blinding white, but it felt SO good.
    P.S. I also am in love with that bag — so classic.
    <3 leigh

  10. Kati says:

    Wow! You did an amazing job, Sarah is lucky to have a friend like you!

  11. Rebecca says:

    Looooove this outfit. Yea for sun and summer weather!

    And fantastic party. Seriously. Fantastic.

  12. Sarah says:

    you are the best friend in the world….and you can throw me orange parties anytime! loved it, love you. and hey, nice blog ;)

  13. Kyle says:

    Dude, I’m totally wearing my trashtastic wedges next time we see you guys so Kai can be impressed with how classy I am!

  14. Mara says:

    Oh my gosh what an adorable shower idea!! Everything is so cute! My best friend asked for recipes too that she put into a book for me! Great minds think alike :) I LOVE your outfit! I remember seeing those wedges at Banana and loving them. They’re so classic! And I’m sure really comfortable. It sounds like you had a beautiful day!

  15. Nic says:

    The bridal shower was genius – how creative and fun! And you look stunning! I’m so glad we finally had a warm day out in the MI/OH area. I’m from Grand Rapids, MI, but am now in Northwest OH, so all my family out in MI was raving about the warm day right along with us here in OH.

  16. What a beautiful and fun bridal shower! I really enjoyed seeing the photos.

  17. Heyday Event Lab says:

    Kayley what a vibrant and lovely party! I love your attention to every last zesty detail! Thanks for sharing the link with me my dear!

  18. Emily says:

    This is one of my favorite outfits you’ve worn! love love love

  19. kristen says:

    Kayls. You are so talented.

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