Wedding Work Day – Indoor to Outdoor

October 3, 2010

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We photographed a wedding yesterday. Only three more to go this season!

Now that it is getting colder out, outfit planning is trickier. Wedding guests don’t
have to concern themselves with being outdoor appropriate. The most time
they spend outside at an indoor wedding is walking to and from the car. However,
as a photographer, we spend up to three hours outdoors … so I need to dress
appropriately. But let’s be honest, I still want to look cute at the reception. Yesterday
I got creative and wore the skirt I mentioned a couple days ago … here is my
indoor/outdoor transformation.

Indoor – Posing for Kai as he tests in the lighting in the church. I also wore this
at the reception.

Bare legs and deep purple, almond toe pumps.

I found this lace top at target and pulled it from the rack immediately. I love
that lace is making a comeback. I’m all about the soft feminine quality of this
shirt. Oh, and the belt, I wear it with everything. This won’t be the first time you see it.

and … Outdoor – posing for Kai as he tests the lighting outside.

Leather jacket, charcoal tights, and boots.
I still look cold … it was windy, 48 degrees, and sprinkling.  I chose flat boots
because I was on my feet all day and knew I would need a break from heels for a
bit. These worked perfectly especially since the ground was wet.

Despite the weather yesterday, we had a great day. We were on time and the
couple was a joy to work with.  These few easy additions for our outdoor picture
time kept me warm and upbeat!

Outfit Breakdown
Indoor Look:
Top: Target ($19.99)
Amber Necklace: Purchased in Mexico over 5 years ago.
Belt: Banana Republic (Originally $39.50)
Skirt: Target ($34.99)
Heels: Target

Outdoor Look:
Top, Belt, Skirt, Necklace – Same
Leather Coat: Banana Republic (Originally $298)
Tights: The Gap
Boots: The Gap Outlet ($19.50)

Are you attending any outdoor events this fall that you will need to dress warm
for? Keep your eye out for pieces that you can layer for a fun, but most importantly,
cozy, look!

- Kayls.

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  1. rachel says:

    how much was the leather jacket? i scored mine for $14 at target!

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