Polka Dot – Day to Night

October 2, 2010

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Okay, so my original intent to update this blog daily might be a little more difficult
than I expected. It is currently around 12:30am … which technically makes it Saturday,
but since I haven’t slept yet, I still consider it Friday … which meansmy every day
plan (in my mind) is still intact. Can’t guarantee this will continue, though.

Today I wore a new shirt from The Gap (of course). I saw it online awhile ago
and was eagerly awaiting it’s arrival in our store. The shirt itself is a little too
nightgown-y for my taste, but nothing that a belt can’t fix.

I had the day off today! Hubs and I photographed an engagement session and
then I went to check out an art festival (Artprize) downtown with a friend afterwards.
I wore the polka dot top with leggings, for lack of a better option. Which leads me
to my fashion rule #1:


This top was cutting it close. I would have preferred to wear it with dark skinny
jeans, but seeing as The Gap didn’t have the dark “always skinny” jeans in my size
when I went to purchase them, leggings were my back-up option.

I accessorized the top with a fabric necklace that a friend of mine made … and a
belt that I found at the salvation army for a whopping $.99.

Here is the look:

Perfect for a stroll downtown.

So after Artprize, I met up with another friend to head out to the bar. It was 80s
night at Gardella’s … but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I get all pimped out in
80s gear. No thank you.

To take this top from day to night, I accessorized with gold. Instead of leggings,
I wore shorts and tights. I also wore a houndstooth, black chiffon hair piece that I made.

Here is the evening look:

Voila! Day to night in a few easy steps.

Oh, and back to my leggings rule, there was a girl at the bar wearing leggings
and a shorter top – not a good look. I don’t care who you are. Don’t do it.

Outfit breakdown:
Day Look.
Top: The Gap (Originally $54.50)
Leggings: The Gap (Originally $19.50)
Necklace: Sugar and Fig
Belt: Salvation Army ($.99)
Shoes: The Gap (Origianally $39.50)
Clutch: The Gap (Originally $24.50)

Night Look.
Top: The same as above.
Shorts: Forever 21 (can’t remember exact cost … under $30)
Tights: The Gap (Originally $12.50)
Belt: Banana Republic ($15)
Shoes: Christian Siriano through Payless Shoe Source ($35)
Clutch: The same as above.

Do you have anything in your closet that works for both daytime and nighttime
looks? Look through your clothes and put together something unexpected!
Truth be told, the idea of wearing tights with open toed shoes totally freaked me out …
but I tried it anyway. What do you think? Would you wear this look?

Thanks for stopping by!

5 Responses to “Polka Dot – Day to Night”

  1. Kyle says:

    I love look #2! I wear tights and open toed shoes all the time, it’s my favorite :)

  2. Karissa says:

    LOVING the day look especially. It’s simple, chic, and not overdone. Love the blues!

    And I agree about the leggings. Too many college girls around here do that…I once was able to see every detail/color/pattern of a girls non-thong underwear thru her too-small leggings.

  3. Kate says:

    Kayley!! you are way too cute. I love this blog, keep it up! And I’m actually really liking the tights with open toed… even though I probably wouldn’t have tried it before! Nice work.

  4. Kai says:

    you looked amazing at the wedding yesterday. that has nothing to do with this post. oh well.

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