Halloween 2010 – One Piece Four Ways

October 30, 2010

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Okay! Halloween 2010!

I was originally looking for a way to create a pin-up girl costume out of pieces I already
owned. Then I found these bloomers:

They came in many colors but when I came up with my final costume idea … the red
and white was the way to go.

They cost $25 … so with shipping the ended up being over $30 so I needed to justify
this purchase! A one-time wear was not going to do so I came up with multiple
costumes I could wear these with in the future.

Here are my costume ideas that red and white striped bloomers would work with.

Costume #1:

Little Red Riding Hood.


(DIY instructions here)


(I would wear my blouse from this day.)


Black, white, or red shoes …


Costume #2:

Raggedy Ann


(Available here)


(If you don’t already own something similar, try a thrift store.)


(Make your own with your own fabric! Instructions here.)


Black shoes


Costume #3:

Minnie Mouse


(Another option: A black leotard)


(Instructions on how to make your own here. I would borrow a vintage pair from
my mom.)



Black, white, red, or yellow shoes …

There you have it. Three different ways to wear red and white striped bloomers.
But how am I wearing them this year?

Like this:

Rosie the Riveter as a Pin Up.

I mixed classic pin up things with Rosie the Riveter’s denim shirt and polka dot hair wrap.

Wedges add a classic pin-up element.

Iron-on embroidery letters for that extra personalization.

Underwire glamour swim top … another pin-up aspect.

Rosie totally had an american flag on the back of her shirt – it’s just not visible in her posters.



… A picture of me in the costume to come.

Outfit Breakdown:
Scarf: EBay / Button Down: Salvation Army / Swim top: J. Crew / Bloomers: American Apparel / Shoes: Banana Republic

What do you think of building your own costumes? What costumes have you put
together on your own? And what did you dress up as this year?

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!



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  1. Jorie says:

    Your costume turned out great! Love the personalized touches. Have fun wearing it!

  2. Pam says:

    Nylons w/ seams would take this look over the top… looking forward to the pic!

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