In the midst of Coachella, we are bombarded with fringe, bandanas, swimsuit tops as shirts, and braids. I can’t say I’ll be donning all of these trends as I walk the streets of Los Angeles, but the braids I can definitely get on board with. Here is a hairstyle that is perfect for hopping stages at a music festival … or just any ol’ day, really.

A Product of the 90’s.

by: Kayley Anne

The revival of the 90s decade does not come as a disappointment to me at all. I’m all about the oversized plaid, big black boots, and, yes, even the fake tattoo necklaces (though you’ll never catch me wearing one). Spotting these trends around town reminds me of the afternoons I spent perfecting my monkey bar skills [...]

Winter to Spring Dress.

by: Kayley Anne

I wore this dress on my birthday back in January, which was actually warmer than it was on the day these photos were taken. This past season in Los Angeles has made it clear to me that my positive attitude toward winter while living in Michigan was purely a survival instinct, because the thought of [...]

Creating New, More Sustaining Goals

by: Kayley Anne

I’ve been slowly chipping through a book given to me by a friend called The Desire Map. When I say slowly chipping through, I mean at the slowest, snail with-no-agenda pace. A page here, a page there. Needless to say, I’ve hardly cracked the cover but from what I have gathered thus far, it’s a [...]