Blogging with Intel 2 in 1.

by: Kayley Anne

A lot of my blogging takes place outside of the house. Escaping to a cozy coffee shop or charming restaurant in order to stay productive is sometimes a necessity for me. I’ve been doing all of my blogging on my MacBook, so when Intel contacted me to see if I’d like to try out their new Intel 2 in 1 , I was curious to see how it might benefit my routine.

Since receiving the device, completing blog posts has become an easier task. The simple act of being able to interact with a touch screen combined with a traditional laptop is ideal for personal style posts. Using the touchscreen capability, I can physically flick through the inventory of my favorite online retailers in creating my outfit breakdown, while still being able to easily create written content by using the full keyboard. The size of the device is also more conducive to being toted around, and I see this quickly joining my “don’t leave the house without it” list. On top of adding ease to my blogging life, it’s also improved the way that I use social media. More on that to come …

SidewalkReady-101 SidewalkReady-100 SidewalkReady-2 SidewalkReady-1 SidewalkReady-102
Cardigan: c/o DejaVu (Same.)


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White on White – Day to Night

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Sunday Nights.

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